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Trade EPDM will provide a water proof guarantee on roof fitted with our single ply reinforced EPDM membrane for a period of 20 years from the date of completion.


  1. The reinforced EPDM and seam tapes are supplied by Trade EPDM through an authorised supplier.
  2. The fitting is carried out by a licensed Trade EPDM roofing contractor.
  3. The membrane is adhered using Trade EPDM specially formulated adhesive.
  4. The Customer has signed the guarantee form and satisfaction note and returned to Trade EPDM.
  5. The job has been completed and paid for in full.
  6. The customer agrees to maintane the roof in line with Trade EPDM Flat Roof Maintenace guide.



Trade EPDM will guarantee any roof to a maximum of 80sq meters, fitted to the above conditions from leakage.

This includes:

  1. Failure of the EPDM membrane and associated joints, tapes, adhesives and sealants used in the installation, due weather conditions.
  2. Any leakage, for the period of the guarantee, caused by bad workmanship on behalf of the roofing contractor shall be corrected, to the customers satisfaction by Trade EPDM.
  3. In the event of the roofing contractor going out of business Trade EPDM will be ultimately responsible in the correction of any problems for the period of guarantee.



  1. Damage caused by lightning, fire or earthquakes.
  2. Failure of adjoining areas caused by defects in the building.
  3. Damage caused deliberately or accidentally by the customer or third party.
  4. Problems caused by the movement of the building structure.
  5. Membrane failure due to the leakage of fuels, oils or chemicals.

On receipt of the completed form Trade EPDM will send a letter of confirmation of the 20 year guarantee.  This guarantee applies to the building and is transferable on sale of the building to the new home owner.